Trading Range

The Secret To Using ADX Indicator

Find out the secret of using ADX indicator. It will give you earlier signals to market conditions so that you can employ the correct trading strategies.

4 Types Of Basic Trade Setups

Basic trade setups can be classified into 4 types: continuation, reversal, range-bound, and breakout. Each trade setup is used in different market contexts.

Anchor Zones Trading Strategy

Find extremely reliable support and resistance areas with the anchor zones trading strategy, which focuses on extreme price activities.

7 Powerful Tips for Trading Breakouts

Breakout trading leads to quick profits – when you get it right. Grasp the essential concepts of breakout trading together with these 7 powerful tips.

Gimmee Bar Trading Strategy

Gimmee bar is a reliable trading setup for sideways markets. Employ this trading strategy to earn consistent small gains when market volatility is low.