Hi, I’m Galen. I started Trading Setups Review (TSR) in 2012 to consolidate and share my trading ideas.

I enjoy price action analysis but don’t mistake me for a price action purist. Indicators are just tools, and there is no need to discard them if you know how to use them.

There is no one way to trade profitably. Neither do we need to find the best method. All you need is to find one that makes sense to you and works for you.

I am just a regular retail trader. I do not trade other people’s capital.

Learning to trade was tough, and I know it can be challenging for others.

This is why I started this website, which I hope will help other individual traders.

But if you are serious about learning how to trade, TSR will make it easier.

👏 Our website is powered by awesome traders and built with fantastic tools.