7 Trading Documentaries Every Trader Should Watch

By Galen Woods ‐ 2 min read

Learn important lessons from experienced traders from these trading documentaries that cover topics from the ups and downs of individual traders to HFT.

Trading documentaries offer a glimpse into the lives of other traders and illuminate market facets that are otherwise opaque to the public.

The first four trading documentaries talk about traders, their thoughts, and emotions. These are timeless gems that are relevant across time and markets.

The last three trading documentaries cover the drastic changes technology has brought to financial markets. They attempt to show you what’s inside the black boxes of algorithmic high-frequency trading.

#1: Trader: The Documentary

This documentary features Paul Tudor Jones who demanded PBS to stop airing it after its original broadcast. For most, this is enough reason to watch it.

Need one more reason? He predicted the Black Monday in 1987 and tripled his money.

(The video has been taken down. We will update the video link once there’s an alternative link.)

#2: Floored

Floored is an inspiring documentary that includes interviews with traders of all stripes.

I like that it covers the impact of their trading career on their life beyond the pits. It also highlights the need to stay adaptable if you want to survive through dramatic market changes.

#3: Billion Dollar Day

This BBC documentary was released more than 30 years ago and offers time tunnel to the past.

It follows three traders for 24 hours during which they transact over 1 billion dollars in the most significant financial market in the world: forex.

#4: Traders: Millions By the Minute

This excellent BBC documentary has two parts. The first part focuses on the professional traders who operate with the backing of an institution.

I like the second part which covers retail day traders like you and me. With a balanced approach, the narrative is highly relatable for any retail trader.

#5: The Wall Street Code

The Wall Street Code investigates the influence of algorithmic trading on the financial markets.

It focuses on the manipulation of the markets with high-frequency trading (HFT).

#6: Money and Speed: Inside the Black Box

Based on real events, it tells the story of the 6th May 2010 Flash Crash, a trillion dollar stock market crash that lasted 9 minutes.

Look inside the black boxes controlling the fate of our sophisticated financial markets.

#7: Quant: The Alchemist of Wall Street

Machines. AI. Robots. Are they taking over Wall Street?

This documentary investigates the impact of quantitative geniuses on financial markets.